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Website 101: What is a Content Management System?


When the web was young and our monitors were huge, chunky boxes with small screens, you updated your website by calling or emailing your IT person and telling them what to change.

Then you waited. (Hopefully you didn’t wait for very long.)

STUN Design Creates Content Managed Sites

You had to wait because you relied on someone else to make that change for you.

Updating your organization’s website shouldn’t be a hassle. A Content Management System gives you the access to update your website yourself with the convenience of an easy-to-use back-end portal.

Today, not Yesterday!

Those days of waiting are behind us just like those big, chunky box, monitor relics. Today you can update your site at any time with a Content Management System. Let’s call it a CMS to keep it simple. A CMS offers you the ability to login and make the changes to your website on your own schedule. You can add or change photos, update a phone number, update your organization’s history, or even add contact information for your new office!

Just Right for You

CMS’ come in a variety of sizes that work for your company’s needs. There are simple systems that you can easily update all the way to large, enterprise-sized systems with document tracking, user delegation, and even role assignments! I promise, it’s not scary.

Easy, Quick, Friendly

If you can use a word processing app like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, then you can use a CMS. In fact, you can even use them on the hi-tech, compact screens of your smartphone! (I told you the days of clunky were behind you!)

We will guide you in the selection of a CMS that fits your organization’s strengths! And we’ll show you how to use it! As designers, we think like you, so your website will not only be easily-digested on mobile phones, you’ll always be able to make changes that immediately appear as soon as you press “Publish!”

Why are you still waiting for those changes?

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