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User Interface and User Experience

UX, UI, Uwhat?


In the past few years, the abbreviations UX and UI have been increasingly used in the world of web design. Even new titles, such as UX Coordinator and UI Architect are popping up more often as the web design industry grows.

So, what exactly do these abbreviations, UX and UI, actually mean and why are they so important to apps and websites?

User Interface and User Experience

UX = User Experience

Simply put, User Experience is exactly what it says. It is the way that a website, mobile app, or web application is planned so that it’s easy for the user to accomplish their intended goal. If the website is for a restaurant, then the user should be able to easily read the menu and place an order. Was placing the order easy? That’s great UX. Oh, and now this restaurant has a repeat customer.

UI = User Interface

User Interface is what a user interacts with on a website. It could be as simple as the link that takes you to another page or a graph that shows how many steps you walked that week. A User Interface informs users about exactly what they are going to receive when they perform an action. Making sure the flow of a site is achieved with clearly marked buttons and information that we are expecting is paramount for a great User Interface design.

UX and UI working together in harmony

They are two crucial elements that work in tandem to make our digital lives harmonious. Think about some of your favorite websites or apps. One reason you visit those sites or use those apps frequently is fantastic UX and a great UI.

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