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Thinking About Tabling the Discussion of Tables on Mobile Websites?


By now, unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you know why you should have a responsive website. So, you know you need it and you’re on board, but there are still lingering questions. Why can’t I use my giant table view of data across every size of my site? Why does my calendar not function how I want it to on a small phone? These have become common questions, so let’s shed a little light on them.

Just make it smaller, right?

Going responsive with your site is not just a matter of making everything smaller to fit a phone. We’re actually providing a completely new experience for the users of your site. For instance, your site may utilize a table to show data. Tables can be a great way to show a large set of data, but that data is only useful if you can actually read it easily. On a large computer monitor, these types of tables can be read with ease. But, when you try to pull up that same table on a mobile device, it will be near to impossible to read the same data.

What now?

Depending on the data that needs to be shown on a mobile device, there could be many solutions. That’s where we as designers start looking at different methods of presentation. Using an infographic, card based layout, or filtering can be one of many ways to show your crucial information on a mobile device.

Mobile devices aren’t going anywhere and that means neither is responsive design. Keep soaking up anything mobile and it will become second nature in no time!

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