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Does your website need to be responsive?


By now you’ve probably heard of Responsive Web Design. If you haven’t here it is in a nutshell.

Responsive Web Design is designing your website so that it can be easily read on phones, tablets, and many other types of screens. A responsive website is one that adjusts its appearance to best fit the screen on which the visitor sees your site. Think about YouTube (which is a great way to host video on your own website, by the way) and how it appears differently on a phone vs a tablet vs a desktop. The code on the website basically says, “If this is a mobile device then the site must look like this, but if it’s a tablet, do this, or a desktop computer, do this instead” to ensure the user has an easy and engaging experience.

STUN Design offers tips for staying fresh

Mobile Use is Steadily Increasing

The vast majority of all Internet users are getting their information from mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Every year the number of desktop traffic decreases in comparison to mobile. Look around, no matter where you are, you will see that statistic happening in real time.

A Full Site Redesign May Not Be Needed

Is going responsive expensive? It depends upon when your site was created. If your site was built in the past 2-3 years you may only need a slight redesign to enable more people to view your site properly on a mobile platform. If it’s older than 2-3 years you should consider a full responsive redesign. Larger websites will definitely be more expensive, but overall, making your existing website responsive will likely cost less than it did to initially develop.

Google Will Punish You

As of April 21, 2015 Google implemented a change to its search rankings. This change means that if your site isn’t mobile friendly then your position on Search Engine Results (SERPs) rankings are demoted. Google wants to deliver relevant results that offer the best experience for people using their mobile devices because searching on mobile devices coincides with shorter times to purchasing or engagement. If you have questions about this Google posted some helpful guidelines here.

You are one step behind your competition if you aren’t reaching your target audience the way they want to view your website. Mobile devices are here to stay. They are in your pocket, in your briefcase, on your wrist, and even coming to your car’s dashboard. Google will demote your website if it isn’t responsive so now is the time to have your site updated.

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