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Crazy cat with yellow eyes.

Cat Cafes and the Power of Creative Marketing


Since 2018 there has been a debate in Baton Rouge. Do we have a cat cafe or not? Seems like this should be a pretty easy question to answer but it’s not. Next question. So how did this debate get started? One answer, creative marketing.

Crazy cat with yellow eyes being a bully.

Let’s start with a bit of the backstory. In 2018 STUN purchased a new building to relocate to the Mid City area of Baton Rouge. Instead of utilizing the original signage on the property to announce our upcoming arrival, creatives did what they do best, they got creative. As we departed the premises the sign now read Sam’s Badass Cat Cafe. And so the Cat Cafe debate began in Baton Rouge.

Local residents using the resources of a variety of social media sites started posting pics and questioning the existence of the cafe. Seizing an opportunity, STUN decided to use the power of social media to design a unique marketing campaign to announce our progress and upcoming move to Mid City. Creating a Facebook Page for Sam’s Badass Cat Cafe, all posts focused on cats & scones, with the occasional building remodel update. With the end of the campaign, we would announce STUN’s official opening with a charitable event for one of the local cat shelters.

Within 2 months of the page being active the opinion seemed unanimous, Baton Rouge thought a cat cafe was badass and they wanted it. It took less than 6 months for the page to gain 350 likes, be featured in 2 articles that got a viral reach of close to 8,000, having been shared on 6 local media outlets. Realizing the concept had moved beyond a unique marketing campaign STUN worked with Cat Haven to help officially establish the Cat Cafe Project, to make this badass concept a reality. To date, Cat Haven receives weekly donations for the Cat Cafe Project.

What did we learn from running Sam’s Badass Cat Cafe’s Facebook Page? That testing concepts on social media helps you generate market research quick & fast. It also gives you an excellent idea of what national and even international trends are taking off locally. Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate marketing and to discover followers. Stun spent no money on ads or boosted posts for Sam’s Badass Cat Cafe, all reach was organic. And last but not least, don’t be afraid to experiment with your social media. The most important thing is to discover your relevant audience for your business. Experiment with content, format and where you post. Keep it fun, frequent and simple. With a social media presence and some creative marketing you too may see that your business becomes badass.

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