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STUN Design does beautiful and practical design

Practical Design: No Fun, but Necessary


The fundamental idea of design is to plan, but as designers we love making beautiful things. Fancy business cards, elaborate invitations, slick brochures, and magnificent, feature-filled websites, are always on our minds. …Read More

STUN Design makes great logos

Great Logos Take Work


I’m sure you know every business needs a logo, but do you know just how important having a great logo is? Great logo design takes time, research, concept, and tons of thought. …Read More

STUN Design loves design!

Why I Love Design


I was one of those art camp kids. I was always redecorating my room; my dad probably re-painted it 10 times during my childhood and patched hundreds of holes in the walls from all the artwork. …Read More

STUN Design offers tips on staying fresh

Staying Fresh


Regardless of what business you’re in, or what your role is with the company you work for, we all hit a creative wall sooner or later. Even if you aren’t the creative type we are all called to use our problem solving skills at some point during the workday. …Read More